Waterjet cutting machines

Water cutting machines deliver excellent cutting results and there’s a reason why they are one of the most popular solutions for cutting various materials including metal, stone, PVC, paper, glass, wood, and tiles. CNC waterjet cutting is an innovative and very efficient method for separating a wide range of materials. That’s why the field of applications is very diverse. Water cutting machines use a highly concentrated jet of water. Therefore, it’s a non-thermal cutting process.

How to choose waterjet cutting machine?

The waterjet cutting process consists in filtering the water, then transferring it to the appropriate cutting heads using a high-pressure pump with a pressure of several thousand bars. The cutting heads then move over the material according to a predefined cutting program. As the cutting head moves, the concentrated water jet cuts through the material. Depending on the hardness of the material and the desired cutting quality, additional abrasive is automatically dosed into the water jet.
Waterjet cutting machines easily cut and treat many materials of different qualities. Each cut is done with high precision and without thermal influence on structure (unlike other cutting methods). There are no distortions in the materials and only very minimal edges (if necessary at all) are left for additional finishing. This means that in most applications, post-processing is not necessary, which not only saves time but also reduces the cost. Additionally, more demanding contours can easily be made in a very small area.
Another advantage of the waterjet technology is the possibility of serial production. This means that both single parts and components with a high volume of production can be produced without deviations and loss of quality.

Waterjet applications

Waterjet cutting machines are extremely precise and reliable. Easy in use, safe and eco-friendly Waterjet cutting machines are used throughout all industrial fields due to their wide range of applications. Cut edges are almost immaculate and don’t require additional post-processing. Waterjets are used for cutting steel,  iron, plastic, ceramics, wood, stone, glass, textiles etc. Water cutting machines work in industrial sectors such as the construction industry, material processing, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, research centres, energy industry, power plant industry, aviation, plant construction etc.

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